Migraine Forms and Workbooks

Free Headache & Migraine forms, workbooks, & diaries to download and use to simplify life with Migraine disease at home, at school, and during emergencies.

Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches contains several Migraine forms, worksheets, etc. All of them — and more — are available as free downloads on MigraineDisease.com. Here are links to the various forms and workbooks. Please feel free to download them for your personal use.

  • Migraine and Headache Diary: Our diary workbook offers several types of diaries so you can choose the one that you and your doctor prefer.
  • Migraine Trigger Food Workbook: Here’s an article about foods that can be Migraine triggers and the best way to determine if you have any food triggers. There’s a comprehensive workbook to download and help in your investigation.
  • Forms for Students Handling Migraine at School: This article discusses ways to prepare students of all ages for coping with Migraine attacks at school. There are forms for school nurses, teachers, college professors, dormitory RA’s, etc.
  • Migraine Prodrome Tracker: Recognizing Migraine prodrome symptoms can be quite helpful in being prepared for the rest of the Migraine attack to hit. This tracker helps us be aware of Migraine prodrome symptoms so we can take advantage of this built-in early warning system.

In addition to forms and workbooks, I’ve also written a letter that many people have found helpful in explaining Migraine to other people. It’s available for you to download so you can email it to people or print it to give to people. I carry a couple of copies of it in my wallet all the time so I’m always prepared if I come across someone who could use some education.