June 26th Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Post – Walking it Back

When we make a special effort to come together, we are more powerful. When we are unified, the message is magnified.


  1. Hi Tammy/Terry,

    I appreciate where this is coming from. At the beginning of this MHAM I felt I was “ran out of town” in the context of Move Against Migraine. I’am referring specifically to the Day 2 challenge concerning Charlotte’s Web. I simply tried to provide my view, all be it strongly worded, on something that is very close to me. I felt I was told I was wrong, this isn’t the first time that this has happened.

    Do you actually want to work together or do you want to continue this false facade of “collaboration”?

    1. Author

      I am sorry to hear that you felt “run out of town” in response to comments made about one of our #MHAM Social Media Challenge posts.

      Move Against Migraine is a project of the American Migraine Foundation and is not owned or operated by MigraineDisease.org. I have not been participating in that discussion group recently due to time constraints and cannot speak to events that occurred there. Please reach out to the administrators and moderators of Move Against Migraine to share your concerns.

      I’m happy to work with any and all Migraine and Headache advocates in support of increasing awareness, breaking down stigma, and offering accurate, current information.

    2. Phill,
      I remember that post and the comments. It wasn’t so much what you said as how you said it. It wasn’t just strongly worded, it was combative. In fact, your comment here is combative as well. If your goal is working together, you’re not off to a very good start with your question “Do you actually want to work together or do you want to continue this false façade of ‘collaboration.'” That would be enough to put anyone on the defensive. Just a few thoughts. I’d love to see everyone working together collaboratively to make everyone’s efforts more effective

  2. Thank you for emailing me the link to this, Tammy.

    I deeply appreciate that being clarified and the apology as well; public apologies can be pretty awkward to make. I respect you very much for doing so.

    – Selena Marie Wilson

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