No One Left Behind: June 10, 2018 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

In our search for effective treatment, it's easy to forget others. What steps can we take to make sure no one else is left behind?

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  1. It’s vital to think of the migraine community as a union of people experiencing the lifestyle that becomes dominated by our attacks. No matter how frequent or severe, even just two attacks per month are a major life disruption, not to mention horrible experiences. I’ve been blessed to have opportunity to experience one of the new immunotherapy medications coming to market that truly saved my life.

    I believe, honestly, that having been given that opportunity also gives me a responsibility to — as a person who is now far more physically well than so many of my “sisters and brothers” in the Migraine and Headache community — use my wellness and experience to join the fight against these diseases and their impact on our lives, families, employment (and employers), finances and friendships. I hope that as access to the medications increases and more folks experience increased health and the sheer joy that brings, you will more actively join the movement , as well.

    You can do a few things:

    * pass the word, just as this campaign inspires us to — not just during the campaign… every day is an opportunity to do one small thing to pass the word.

    * remember that no medicine is a cure-all. Your changes in lifestyle will create a higher baseline for medicines to do their work. Keep reading here to stay on top of how to improve your health in nonpharmaceutical ways — and share broadly what works

    * lastly, perhaps most importantly — and not to easy to do: try to refrain from engaging in focusing on being ill… both for your own body (it listens to you) and for the community, too.

    When forums become cluttered with the latest “bad day” posts, soluions and news become drowned out. But should you have a place to commiserate? Yes, yes, yes times a 39 million people who suffer… So…

    * consider starting a support group Facebook page, perhaps use Ring Central or Zoom to do video support groups. In the groups, choose a topic for the week and let everybody share and support. Be sure to share one lifestyle upgrade or bit of news each session. Even more than sharing the pain, sharing personal “action” and successes is healing in itself.

    Gee, my comment looks like a blog! ;-P

    I’m wishing you all a pain-free day: today and always!

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