Cervicogenic Headache: The Essentials

Cervicogenic is a secondary headache disorder presenting symptoms that are sometimes confused with Migraine.
Cervicogenic Headache


  1. The last person who attempted to move MY neck around,did so despite my written instructions NOT to touch my 4 levels of FUSION and me screaming NO as he grabbed my head thus braking my fusions AND one bolt off into my bone. All I had gone in to see this chiropractor for was mid & lower back pain (turned out ALL my disc have ruptured) But by NOT listening to me–I lost a year off work–ended up up a lovely scar down the front of my body and massive costs. Please listen when people say/SCREAM NO/ I did have another person with me. She HEARD the SNAP & POP when I broke. Was NOT a good day. But my migraine issues began long before I met this man, I will NOT allow anyone to put pressure on my neck for a diagnostic issue–I imagine you will understand–at the very least I hope you would respect why I will NOT allow this.

    1. Oh my. That is so awful! Cervical neck problems require proper diagnosis and treatment. What you experienced sounds nothing like that at all. Anyone with spinal fusion should be treated appropriately by a qualified physician. I’m so sorry this happened to and completely understand your position. In this situation, I would feel the same.

      Manual manipulation of the cervical spine poses many health risks, not the least of which is damage to the carotid artery which can have serious consequences, including death. Based on the recommendations of several headache specialists, I would never allow anyone to manipulate my neck in such a way.

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