Persistent Aura Without Infarction: The Essentials

Symptoms of the Migraine aura usually last from five to 60 minutes. However, when aura symptoms persist for a week or more we need to see our doctors. If aura symptoms last this long, it could be a rare form of migraine aura called Persistent Aura without Infarction.
Persistent Migraine Aura


  1. I have been diagnosed with Persistent migraine aura without cerebral infraction and without status migrainosus, not intractable. Also, I don’t experience the actual migraine just a mild temporary headache. It’s been six weeks and my right hand, right 1/2 face and tongue are totally numb constantly. I have had an MRI, untrasound for arteries and blood vessels, blood work up, etc. with all negative findings. Two years ago started with ocular migraines here and there. October 3rd started with tingling in hand, then face and within an hour two ocular migraines with bright light affecting central vision. How long could these symptoms last? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Lori, I’ve also been experiencing this and after images. MRI, BP, and things of that nature are fine. I started getting migraines after violently throwing up bile due to my severe menstrual cramps. From there, visual symptoms, do you have any advice? The after images, dizziness, and eye pain control my life, it’s very depressing.

  3. I’ve had persistant aura without headache everyday(not all day) for 17 months. Peripheral, bilateral & flashing. All tests check out ok but still have a checkup with a Retina Specialist to cover that also. But everyday for 17 months now . I do have headaches also every few days. Your article is the first time I’ve read that auras can last for years and that’s what my specialist has said.

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