Hysterectomy for Migraine Is Not Advisable

It's a myth that having a hysterectomy for Migraine is helpful.
Hysterectomy for Migraine


  1. I had PMD, severe menstrual cramping,(no endometriosis) & menstrual migraines from age 15 to 45. From 40 to 45 I had hemorrhagic fibroids, extreme anemia & eventually, an urgent hysterectomy without oophorectomy. The first month that uterus was out of me, at age 45, migraines utterly ceased. I am 60 now & in the past 15 years since my hysterectomy, I have never had a headache that couldn’t be taken with something OTC. Before the hysterectomy: 4 or 5 e.r. visits a year, Maxalt, Ergotamine, Imitrex pills, subliminals, suppositories, & injections, blinding pain, violent illness, impaired quality of life. Uterus gone=Zero Migraine. VERY PLEASED but genuinely perplexed: why???

    1. Hi faith, it’s almost a year you posted so i hope this reaches you. But i was wondering whether there was anyway to talk to you. My life is being ruined by PMD and menstrual migraines.. Many thanks

  2. I had a full hysterectomy about 20 years and I’m sitting here searching for help for my migraine.

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