Workplace Accommodations: Migraine & the Law

Having migraine in the workplace presents unique challenges. There are laws designed to protect employees with disabilities. Yet the status of migraine as a disability has yet to be firmly established. If migraine is interfering with work productivity, here are a few places that may help sort out your options.

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  1. I have just been given a verbal warning by my supervisor for taking too many days off due to frequent chronic migraines. The form I signed stated that I never provided written proof (something from doctor/ER). Well, I was never asked to turn one in. I have used my PTO for these days off and our company has a pool of therapist to cover when one of us calls off. Are they allowed to do this? I feel next step is written warning and then termination. They want to know of accommodations that may need to made for me, which I appreciate. But I do t think they have the right to reprimand me. I have been upfront with my supervisor throughout.

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