Migraine Pearls or Onions

Migraine Onions to Elle Magazine for the Migraine Pose

MigraineDisease.org awards Migraine Onions to Elle Magazine for the Migraine Pose and adding to social stigma.


  1. Here’s a “migraine pose” for them: 4 days of laying in bed alternating between chills and sweats, throwing up or heaving every 15 minutes, having diarrhea and frequent urination, no sleep, intolerant to lights, odors, or sounds. Nothing to eat or drink for 4 days that won’t come back up – someone “drilling” in my ear or eye; going from one side of the head to the other. No way to lay that doesn’t hurt. Sheer. Agony. Torture. None of the meds work. The one that they used to give that worked and got me through a year with 3 migraines they stopped using and the migraines became more frequent. They were never aborted. I had 3 day migraines til I tried Sumatriptan and they have been 4 day migraines ever since.

  2. A migraine Pose? How about the one where I am laying on the floor of my office restroom-it is the ONLY place that is cold-dark quiet AND if I must be ill I may do so WITHOUT MY patients wonder if I am contagious. Or the “drunken sailor” stance–that’s the one that happens when EVERYTHING hit’s at once. Not only a migraine–but another flare of my MS & a patient asks a co-worker if I have been drinking and while she kindly tells Ms.Nosey that “no,she is in pain”—Iam thinking “would it help” —just maybe”would it or anything PLEASE HELP”. Those times are gone now–to much damage–I can no longer work,nor walk for a decent amount of time–employable time. Plus I am now 65. So tho the headhunters LOVE my resume as well they should. When they ask my year of graduation—the phone is hung up so quickly,I fell as though the call was in my imagination. A dual state medical license,background cleared thru FBI & DOJ. Fantastic references —-yet it is my age. I took NO time off for my migraines. Worked 50 hour weeks and had triple digit sales increases in my offices with zero refunds. VERY unheard of in both the retail & HMO medical practices. YET–all the wish to know is my age. The age the assures them I will not leave to pick up a sick child,nor one in trouble at school. Nor the older one crying over boy trouble. I never need Friday nights off–MY guy & I have been married for DECADES,I still adore one another. Perhaps ONE day the HR department will get it’s act together. I always hired based on ability,not age. Loved have seniors working in my offices from the days when I was just a 20 something making it big in the world of Optics. Good field to be in when you have my issues!

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