9 to 5: June 4, 2018 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

If you were the boss, how would you make your workplace #Migraine and #Headache friendly?
#MHAM2018 Social Media Challenge Day 4


  1. I would try to make any reasonable accommodations to anyone with a disability. Even working with them to work from home. But in the end, resonable accommodations sometimes aren’t enoug.

  2. I would get rid of fluorescent lighting for something more natural and allow dimmer lighting if needed. I would also ban strong scents (e.g. perfumes/colognes, etc.). Water bottles and snacks would be allowed. Ergonomic work stations would be incorporated (e.g. phone headsets or neckrests on phones) and adjustable height computer monitors to prevent neck strain.

  3. My work environment would ban all fluorescent lighting. And lamps and overhead lights would be dimmable (is that word??). There would be a small “dark room” to accommodate anyone needing time away from the work stimuli, or for anyone needing quiet and a place to rest until their medication kicks in. In addition, you would be able to open windows to allow in fresh air. Of course, a coffee room would be there for anyone needing some tea or caffeine to help with their migraine, with a small fridge to hold their trigger free lunches and snacks.

    Perfume, aftershave, room fragrances, etc. would be banned.

    Flexible hours would allow those who need to come in late or leave early to do so, and they could work virtually to keep up productivity.

    I’m so very fortunate that my husband and I have our own business. And these are the ways I manage my career with my migraine disease in our offices.

    What are your ideas that I could incorporate in my office? I’d love to hear them!

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