Out of My Head Migraine Documentary Film Review

A review of the Migraine documentary film Out of My Head, which is now being shown at special screenings. A definite must-see!
Out of My Head Migraine Documentary Film Review


  1. I have been in a triptan rebound migraine situation, taking Sumatriptan every day for about 20 years. I’ve been told you have to just stop taking it altogether, which I did for 4 excruciating days…then was told not to take more than 2 pills a week…which, guess what……ended up right back in the rebound! What I need is something, that works other than a triptan….That’s why I’m anxious for the CPRG tablet form meds to be FDA approved …….I feel there will be more control than with the inject able ones already approved……and work in a different way than triptans.

    1. What you’ve described is called Medication Overuse Headache. You can learn more about it at https://migrainewarriors.org/essentials/secondary-headache/moh/medication-overuse-headache/. If MOH has being going on for a long time, stopping the medication for only four days probably isn’t enough to break the cycle. Typically it takes 6 weeks or more to stop it altogether and you may not ever be able to use that medication again. Even if you’re successful at breaking MOH, you may still get frequent migraine attacks. Please understand that the oral anti-CGRP medications are abortives (they stop an attack in progress) and were not designed as preventives. The anti-CGRP monthly injections are preventives, designed to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. Please talk to your doctor about how to break the cycle of MOH and work with him/her to find an effective preventive treatment plan.

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