Say Good-Bye to Midrin and Equivalents for Migraine

After 11 years of ups and downs and confusions, the FDA has ordered an end to the distribution of Midrin and equivalents for Migraine.
Say Good-Bye to Midrin and Equivalents for Migraine


  1. Find a local compounding pharmacy asap! I had 12 pills left and thought I was doomed in the next month or two, but my doctor prescribed it to a compounding pharmacy. So relieved!

    1. Hi Sarah! Could you please let me know where you had it compounded?? I can call them and see if they mail order if its out of my area. thanks in advance!!!

  2. Roger, Please tell us where

  3. Please, where where and how did you have it compounded?

  4. Where do you get it compounded? This is the only drug that has ever held my husband’s migraines.

  5. Very upset about this. This med was the only med I found to work. I’ve tried triptand and it about killed me. Sent me into hypertensive crisis and hospitalized for a week. Never even had high blood pressure. Tried the 3 combo pills; verapmil topimate and citrolapam. That made me feel numb and no sexual drive. Hope a manufacturing pharm company will pay to have it tested for fda approval.

    1. One of the ingredients in Midrin is a vasodilator. There are newer medications in development that do not affect the cardiovascular system. It is probable that companies knew this and chose not to have it tested in lieu of newer, even safer options. Keep an eye out for Lasmiditan (a triptan that doesn’t cause cardiovascular changes) and ubrogepant (a oral CGRP inhibitor made for abortive use). Both should come to market very soon.

  6. This is ridiculous. I was stunned when I went to pick up my refill today. I’m lucky my migraines are much less severe and frequent since I had a total hysterectomy several years ago. I usually get them now with some changes in air pressure and super hot days. Unfortunately, Midrin/generic was the only thing that worked for me. I went through hell the first time it became unavailable. I understand that it’s the FDA’s responsibility to keep us safe, but this has always struck me as a way to force patients to use the newer, more expensive medications. Though the Midrin equivalent wasn’t cheap either. Medicare stopped covering it years ago after the FDA removed its approval.

  7. Roger, where did you have it compounded?

  8. Has anyone tried something else similar to Midrin & it works? I can’t take triptans due to elevated blood pressure & am totally freaked out by the thought of getting a bad migraine without these pills. Help!?

    1. Author

      Hi, Heidi,
      There’s nothing similar to Midrin left on the market. The FDA order applied to all of the Midrin equivalent medications. The only other true abortives for home use are the triptans and ergotamines. The ergotamines have a high blood pressure warning as well. However, when blood pressure is kept under control with medications, many patients are able to use triptans or ergotamines. Actually, if Midrin had ever gone through the clinical trials, it might well have had a blood pressure warning to since it contained an ingredient that constricted blood vessels.

      Keep your eyes open for new acute medications in development – the ditans and the gepants. It’s looking as if they may not have that kind of warning, and the first of them should be approved relatively soon.

      Teri Robert

  9. I have used this drug for over 50 years to prevent my migraines. I take it when I get the visual aura, and the headache does not occur. Without this drug, I am now doomed to suffer excruciating headaches for the rest of my life. I am in a panic. I hope something happens to fix this situation. I think the FDA is treating it like a painkiller. It is not a painkiller. It will not help the pain of a migraine once it occurs. It is for use only during the aura phase and it works to prevent the headache. I don’t know what I’m going to do

    1. Author


      Please note that Midrin was not a preventive. It was a Migraine abortive. If you took it during aura, and didn’t get the headache phase, that’s because it aborted the Migraine attack during the aura phase; it didn’t prevent it. For some people, it did work when taken during the headache phase.

      It’s not that the FDA is treating it like a painkiller. The problem is quite simple – none of the companies producing Midrin or its equivalents ever did the clinical trials to prove its efficacy, even though they had many years to do so.

      Have you tried the triptans or ergotamines?

      Teri Robert

  10. This makes me want to break down and cry. I keep getting calls from the pharmacy saying that it’s back ordered it’s back ordered.

  11. I assume this means we won’t even be able to have it specially compounded? Is that correct?

    1. We are assuming this is true. If we learn differently, we’ll update our information.

    2. I recently had it compounded. Thank God!

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