Going to the ER for Migraine Is Not the Best Choice

ERs are crowded, and the doctors seldom have much experience with Migraine.
ER for Migraine


  1. Soo agree. I had the worst experience the one time I went to an emergency room with a migraine. Everything you said above was correct. Mine was an unusual circumstance, in that I was returning from overseas dehydrated and sick. The injections for the migraine wasn’t working. I waited for hours, and was treated like a drug addict. All I asked for was IV fluids. Guess what they gave me. Yep, IV fluids and morphine. It knocked me out but when I woke up I still had a migraine. Since I was then hydrated, I was able to go home and give myself an imitrex injection that worked. Everyone is different and hospital ERs are different too but I think you are unfortunately correct in what to expect because of lack of understanding in the treatment of migraines. I am an individual with a history of long term chronic migraine and I agree we are all different. We need to stick together. I stopped reading this for awhile because it just gets old after awhile and the sniping is annoying. Everybody handles this in their own way. We should try not to judge each other.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comments, Mary. I realize any of us can have times when we need to go to the ER for a Migraine, but having rescue treatments at to use at home when our first-line treatments fail can dramatically cut back on our need for the ER. I feel awful for patients whose doctors don’t recognize this and help them by prescribing rescue treatments and discussing when they need to go to the ER.

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