Protect Against Migraine Triggers at the Dentist

Migraine increases the risk of some dental problems, so we can’t afford to ignore our oral health. Fortunately, there are ways to protect against Migraine triggers at the dentist.
Protection Against Migraine Triggers

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  1. If you need an anesthetic, ask your dentist to use one for people with migraine. Most of them carry it now but it’s one with only a little epinephrine in it. It only lasts 30 minutes so your dentist needs to reinject it after 30 minutes if you are having a long procedure, and you will bleed a little more during the procedure but most dentists can cope with that. Also ask for a mouth rest if you need to have your mouth open for long periods. It is a rubber device they put in your mouth to rest your teeth on the opposite side to where they are working. Both of these things have made a huge difference to me when I have a dental procedure and I can honestly say I never get migraines after the dentist any more.

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